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Real estate investment courses to avoid

I started with innocent innocence: there was an advertisement on television around 11 p.m., a night that promised to enrich me through real estate. We already bought some real estate, but it was not rich. I thought this would be a great way to learn some tricks and maybe even finish my job in a year or two. Then, at lunchtime, I went to the hotel where his free course was served.

They didn’t teach me anything about investing in real estate, but they certainly received pressure and pleasure from being real estate investors in a millionaire. I barely got stuck when I paid $ 2,000 to attend the next weekend course. I can bring someone at no additional cost! I can really taste financial freedom.

Well, in this course, I learned a lot. But what I really learned was that I didn’t know much.

Sure, they gave me the tools I could use, but they quickly told me how their other courses would help me achieve my goals. Before finishing this program, I spent an additional $ 20,000 on more training courses. Throughout the course, I completed a recommendation agreement (essentially a Flip function) to earn some money and bought two properties for money. This doesn’t look bad, until you discover how this clue took me out of the right path! I realized some really bad real estate investment decisions, and all these bad decisions cost me for many years.

Despite the circumvention that these courses sent me, I still think there are many good reasons to take real estate investment courses:

Communication! You can meet a classmate or teacher in the future.
You can learn a lot about real estate in a very short time.
Learn tricks that can take years to learn on your own, if any.
Motivation: the courses I took excited me a lot with real estate investment, it was everything I had been thinking about for months!
Opens doors to an investment network where you can learn opportunities long before the general public.
However, keep in mind the inconveniences of night real estate investment courses on television: slots:

Once you attend the free webinar that excites you, weekend courses are usually quite expensive.
You can easily experience information overload! In less than 48 hours many things are thrown at you and you don’t know what to do with them.
Celling! Once you attend the weekend seminar, much of the speaker’s efforts are dedicated to selling several courses. And when you’re a beginner, you feel you need all these courses to get started!
Technologies do not always apply to your area or type of objective property. For example, I enrolled in a course that was largely applied to the US market that differs in many aspects from the Canadian real estate market.
Despite the failures and my bad personal experience, I believe that participating in a real estate investment course is a good step for novice investors, but here are some tips to ensure that you get the value of your money through the course of real estate investment:

Know your goals: What do you expect to get from real estate investment (specify if possible)? What is your tolerance of responsibility? What is your eligibility (can or would you like to repair things and / or own)? Write your goals and you will have a good idea of ​​what you are trying to do before looking for a course.

Do your research! A quick online search for real estate investment courses will lead to many options. Connect to the Internet and search for forums or course comments. Ask friends and family if they know someone who is taking a real estate investment course.

Request your company information by mail or online to get more information about the company. Were they present for a moment? Who, specifically, will the course be taught? Try to get the CV of the speakers before registering. What is your experience? Trust me, Robert Allen, Ross Whitney and Donald Trump so they don’t stop saying hello during their tournaments!

Leave your visa at home, or at least know your limits.

Before leaving home to go to a free course or a weekend paid in real estate investments, decide what is the maximum amount you will pay for the initial course or any subsequent training course and material. It is important to do this before attending the course. When you attend free courses or cheaper courses, direct selling will be a very difficult sale. You will be given a low price if you register at that time. Every bone in your body can be completely convinced that you need this to fulfill your biggest dreams. If you subscribe to the minimum, for example, $ 3000, you can have better control over what you actually spend on a future training course. Passion plays an important role in your decision to spend more money, and programs that feed on that feed on that. Make a “hurried” decision out of the equation knowing your goals and how much you plan to spend to achieve them.

Take action!

I found a course that meets your goals, met some excellent people and is now armed with some tools and tricks to start building your real estate portfolio. Here is the key to making the course work for you: go with your heels and use what you have learned!

I met some different people in one of the courses I attended and they told me that this was the fourth or fifth session and that they had not bought anything yet. She estimated that they spent about $ 30,000 on courses and had nothing to show, well, except for a good amount of theoretical knowledge!

Real estate investment courses can be valuable, but only if you use what you learn!

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