19 reasons to start a real estate investment business now

Before starting to invest in real estate decades ago, it was part of American companies. In fact, it was the sales figure of Research in Motion 2. It has developed and supervised strategic alliances with some of the best consulting firms in the world, including Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte Consulting and EDS.

Now, I am very grateful to RIM for giving you the incredible opportunity to work with two of the world’s most billionaire billionaire technology executives. However, I am tired of wearing the “suit.” I didn’t want to keep working 60 to 80 hours a week. I wanted to be able to start a business that met the following 19 criteria.

19 reasons to start a real estate investment business now

1. Spend a few hours a day or a week at work. With only 10 hours of effort in his first deal, my client, Robert Beagle, closed his first real estate deal and earned $ 61,000 in profits as a merchant!

2. Be your boss. This means that you are working to get rich, and not for another person.

3. Wake up whenever you want. Remember, you are your own boss. No one can tell you (except maybe your wife) that you can’t sleep until noon.

4. It is not necessary to travel every week. He has handled more than $ 14 million in agreements in 5 markets in North America without problems at the airport.

5. The ability to run almost everything from a laptop and a phone. In 5 weeks, my client, Agar, gathered his first group of 5 investment properties in Edmonton, Alberta, and made a profit of $ 269,000!

6. Obtain exponential income. When you join your investment business, you generate more profits than profits. Why Since subscribing to your real estate investment business will allow you to organize your business so that contractual transactions become a recurring cycle. This means that you will have a repeatable business model and geometric growth.

7. Dress as you like. Since REIT allows you to work from your home office, you can work on your sleepwear if you wish!

8. Live a life almost tax free. Owning a real estate investment company will give you the greatest benefits of personal, commercial and real estate taxes.

9. Do what you want, whenever you want. Again, you are the boss!

10. Never have a schedule. You can work as hard as you want for as long as you want.

11. It is not necessary to write a comprehensive business plan. Thanks to the Real Estate Investment Consortium, Tom Cooke and Claudette Díaz now have $ 330,000 in private funds. They obtained $ 19,026 in earnings from the first agreement they completed within the first 27 days of their unionization. They built a list of buyers of more than 500 investors and created a joint venture in another city that they had not visited before!

12. You have a large number of customers wherever your business goes. For example, if you join my network of the Real Estate Investment Consortium, you are communicating with a pre-existing network of more investors in 7 countries on five continents who want to help investors like you as a joint venture in investment agreements. continuous way.

13. Your business will not be linked to economic cycles. Many real estate investors now say the real estate investment market is dead. Why Because they can’t find offers. They do not attract buyers. They cannot get enough cash to finance business. Banks do not lend them money. However, if you change your business model to a real estate model, you will get direct access to all the money you will need. It will attract buyers and close more businesses, regardless of the economy.

14. Produce more wealth in a short period of time. Remember, my business raised more than $ 3 million in just 93 days.

15. Participate personally with little risk. When you join your business, you become an important player in the market without risking any of your capital. As a real estate agent, he collected the agreement and obtained a large part of the profits (between 20% and 50%) without having to invest his own money. This allows you to concentrate on multiple offers simultaneously.

16. Start without any previous experience in the industry. My client portfolio includes teenage college students, retired coaches, a field track, accountants, doctors, lawyers, a professional opera singer, sales executives, marketing executives, engineers and organized mothers who work hard and meet with jobs from full time. Do you think they have previous experience in real estate consolidation? Do not!

17. There is no office policy. You don’t need to worry about anyone else, but you are!

18. You have more time for the family. When you join your work, you will achieve a lot in less time. And you generate profits faster. This means that he has more time and freedom to spend with his family and do the things he likes best.

19. Finally, create a business that focuses on helping people as you build an investment empire of 6, 7, and 8 numbers. We have shown that it can happen.

So, don’t you think it’s time to start a joint venture in real estate investment and make money quickly during this “perfect real estate opportunity”?

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