Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Choose your process wisely

The word “Process” in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is very vital and care must be taken and we must choose our process wisely. The correct choice of this determines the success or failure of a successful RPA implementation. The finding is that RPA projects do not meet ROI expectations solely due to poor choice in process selection.

With so much publicity about RPA, customers or business leaders with limited knowledge of RPA often end up choosing the wrong one as part of their first RPA implementation. Choosing the wrong process does not give them the expected return on investment, leaving them discouraged. When looking at their lowest ROI, even other business leaders tend to lose confidence in implementing RPA.

Choose the process wisely, what does it mean? Let’s start by understanding your primary goal or objective when implementing RPA and what you as a business owner want to achieve.

(a) Are you trying to introduce RPA just to reduce the number of employees?

(b) Are you eager to simplify or automate the process to increase productivity?

(c) Are you eager to automate just the complex process?

Before we can get into these questions, let’s be clear about what contributes to a poor selection of the RPA process.

(a) If the logic of your process or business rules continue to change more regularly, that process is not suitable to be a good candidate in the selection of RPA processes. New business rules involve reconfiguration every time business rules or logic change.

(b) If your process relies on frequently changing government or regulatory changes, that process will also not produce the optimal ROI with respect to RPA implementation.

(c) If your process has low data volume or if the selected process is one that only runs once a year (for example, annual employee review), this process does not provide the best results. return on investment or not equals savings in working hours.

Before getting to the heart of understanding the process, it would be ideal if we first do an initial evaluation of the process and determine which process is the most appropriate taking into account the few tips above.

Bottom line: Choose your robotic process automation process wisely – these processes are rule-based, stable, high data volume, and business rules don’t change often.

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